Frequently Asked Questions

• Dear Jeffrey...
JDMorgan.NET is a fansite. This means it is a site made by fans for fans. It also means that we can't pass on your messages to Jeffrey, or send you a signed picture. Please don't email us requesting any of that. All we can do is turn you down.

• Who are you people?
Fans, like yourself. We enjoy Mr. Morgan's work and decided there needed to be a place that fellow fans could go to for information / pictures / media, and so this site was born. We hope you like it. :)

• Do you guys need any help?
Do you have access to a movie or TV show that we don't have screencaps and/or video clips of? Do you have fanart you would like to see featured on this site? Do you have a fan video (aka music video) that features Jeffrey in one of his many roles that you would like us to host? Great! Email us and we'll talk about it.

• I have a question/suggestion/submission!
Email us at We'll try to get back to you as soon as we can, and apologize in advance should it take us awhile. If you need an answer asap, give AIM (ID: JDMWEB) a try.

• What kind of submissions are appropriate?
Anything from avatars to wallpapers. As for the content, please keep it clean. No x-rated manips. If you're not sure if your fanart is appropriate for this site, feel free to send it in and ask.

• Is it okay if I use the images in your gallery for fanart?
Absolutely! All we ask is that you don't archive them on another site without our permission, or hotlink them (What is hotlinking?).

• Is it okay if I use the clips on your video page for fanvids?
Again, absolutely! It's the same deal as with the images. (See above.) And don't forget, we'd love to host your fanart, including fanvids! All you have to do is email us so that we can figure out the details. :)

• What does 'status: (in)complete' on the video pages mean?
When the status is 'complete', then clips of all of Jeffrey's scenes in the movie or episode have been posted. 'Incomplete' means there's more yet to come that we haven't gotten around to adding yet.