Jeffrey Dean Morgan was born on April 22, 1966 in Seattle, Washington, USA. His mother, Sandy Thomas, told the Seattle Times in 03/06 that Jeffrey went to Ben Franklin Elementary School, Rose Hill Junior High and was a 1984 graduate of Lake Washington High School.

He grew up wanting to be a basketball star. "The only reason I went to college was to play basketball. I injured my knee and couldn't play," said Jeffrey in an interview with 2402EntertainmentOnline in 2003. He then left school to pursue his other interests at the time: painting and writing.

Jeffrey got into acting more or less accidentally. He was helping a friend move from Seattle to LA, was going to stay for a weekend, and never left. "I fell into acting, found out I had a little of talent, and pursued it." He fell in love with the craft along the way. "Once bitten by the bug..."

In 1996 he scored a part on The Burning Zone as a regular. The show changed hands after a few episodes, and Jeffrey wasn't happy with the direction the show was going to go under new management. "[My character] was going to lose his spirituality and The Burning Zone was going to lose its soul." Due to the circumstances under which he left the show, Jeffrey's career stalled. "It is important to stand up for your beliefs. However in retrospect I wish I had handled it differently."

Today, with recurring parts on three high-profile television shows -- ABC's Grey's Anatomy, the WB's Supernatural, and Showtime's Weeds -- Jeffrey's career is back on track. "I think, as I've gotten older I have realized what a huge privilege it is to even be in this business. I more than ever, love what I do."

This 'n' That

Jeffrey's resume lists him as 6'1".

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his friends and laughing as much as possible, painting, writing and reading.

Jeffrey is friends with his agent, Richard Lewis, whose support Jeffrey says was "invaluable in keeping me going and getting back to where I am today."

Jeffrey has a dog named Bisou which means 'kiss' in French. Bisou is a female 9-year-old Rottweiler mix. (Sources: E!Online, TV Guide.)

Jeffrey told TV Guide in 02/06 that he's dating Sarah Lancaster. In 03/06 he told E!Online that he's single. Later still, in 04/06, Jeffrey told USA Today that they'd been together for one and a half years and the relationship ended because she was involved with another man. "I'm like Jennifer Aniston -- I'm that guy."

Under 'skills', Jeffrey's resume lists: basketball, baseball and many other sports, Mountain & Water Athletics, Cooking, Construction. Under 'dialects', it lists: New York, Italian, various regional dialects.

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