Articles & Interviews

The Chat
Washington Post (07/06)

Life After Death
LA Times (05/06)

TV Watercooler
TV Guide Channel (05/06) (transcript)

Supernatural Anatomy
MediaBlvd. Magazine (05/06)

'Grey's Anatomy' Sweetheart Denny Duquette Speaks!
tv filter (05/06)

The 411
TV Guide Channel (05/06) (transcript)

Actor Morgan Juggles 'Grey's,' 'Supernatural' and 'Weeds'
Zap2It (04/06)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan awaits his fate
USA Today (04/06)

My Heart Goes Out to Denny
E!Online (03/06) (transcript)

TV Hat Trick
The National Ledger (03/06)

"Grey's" has more than 1 tie to area
The Seattle Times (03/06)

Grey's Izzie in a Triangle Tizzy!
TV Guide Insider (02/06)

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