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You're watching TV Watercooler, a show that's so hot we can actually resurrect the dead. Like today, our guest Jeffrey Dean Morgan, better known as Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy.

Jeffrey: Thank you.

What can I say after a scene like that except, you complete me. That was the most romantic, beautiful moment. And for such a sad episode, what has been the response you've gotten in the days since this aired.

Jeffrey: Well, I think people are surprised to see me up and around. [laughs]


Jeffrey: Yeah. Going to the grocery store there's been some tears, people kind of falling over, happy to see Denny up and around.

I hear your mom cried for like ten minutes after she saw it.

Jeffrey: Mom called and I couldn't actually understand a word she was saying for ten minutes because it was just the shuddering type of crying. She just wanted to hear my voice, basically. And I [said], Mom it's okay, Jeff is okay, your son is all right. Denny on the other hand, not so good.

Now, when did you find out that Denny was gonna die.

Jeffrey: I kinda knew when I took the job that this was sorta a possibility. Not that I didn't vie for another option. Every day I would go to work saying, You know, he ought to live, we ought to see what happens with Denny and Izzy.

Did you come up with a plot to resurrect your character or resurrect yourself on the show?

Jeffrey: The theory was that Denny has this twin brother Lenny who is a pediatric surgeon, because they kinda need one of those on the show, and then he could sweep Izzy off of her feet.

Except that Lenny and Izzy sounds like a paid of accountants.

Jeffrey: [laughs] We could call her Squiggy.

Have you had to die on camera before.

Jeffrey: Yeah, but not quite like this death.

For folks who don't know, you also play a dead love interest on Weeds.

Jeffrey: Yeah, dead there. We never saw me die, we just--

Mary-Louise Parker.

Jeffrey: Right. Mary-Louise who's awesome. I've been very lucky this year working with, I think, two of the finest actresses on television right now. Mary-Louise and Katherine Heigl I think are both brilliant.

But there are women across the country who are writing blogs saying you were the reason they watched the show, now that you're gone they're really livid about it. And I heard you read some of these blogs, what do they say?

Jeffrey: I have. The last thing I read.. Mom keeps me kind of informed, she's big on the internet right now. I know that people are trying to start up petitions to bring me back, much like kind of my idea the twin brother thing has come up, so I'm glad to know that great minds think alike. It's very flattering, I'm flattered. It was such a great opportunity. And look, I wish I was still alive on the damn show, what can I say. I just don't think it's going to happen.

So, personal stuff. You go by Jeffrey or Jeff Dean?

Jeffrey: Am I in trouble?

I heard you have a lot of different names.

Jeffrey: Well, if I'm in trouble it's usually Jeffrey Dean. That's how Mom refers [to me] when I'm in trouble, it's Jeffrey Dean.

Jeffrey Dean, why'd you die on that show?

Jeffrey: Yes. Yeah. And on a good day I'm just Jeff or Jeffrey.

How about a Broadway show: Come Back To Life, Jeffrey Dean, Jeffrey Dean.

Jeffrey: Perfect! And he's in trouble twice.

And then for your rap out we'll call you JMo.

Jeffrey: [laughs]

What about Supernatural, that's the third show you're on. Explain a little bit about the character on that one. That's a weird kinda situation.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well. It just got picked up for the second year. I play the father of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. They're kind of a demon fighting family. My wife was killed in the pilot by a demon entity and I kind of spend my life looking for revenge and raise my children to fight demons and other supernatural sources. I was missing a lot of last year and toward the end they found me and we went demon hunting together. The season ended in a big cliffhanger so you know, I'm anxious to see what happens, knock on wood, and we'll see where that goes. 'Cause I don't know.

But you're very comfortable with death and that's good.

Jeffrey: I can die.

Hell yeah. I wonder about your next show where you're a dead ghost chasing other dead ghosts on a hospital bed made of hemp.

Jeffrey: Perfect!

It's Super Weeds Anatomy.

Jeffrey: Nice! That's awesome.

Thank you so much for joining us, it's a pleasure. We can't wait to see what you're doing next in your career. You're a solid actor, it's great to see you getting so much work. Thank you for doing this.

Jeffrey: Thank you. Thank you for having me. Thank you very much.