My Heart Goes Out to Denny
by Kristin @ E!Online
(April 24, 2006) (Source)

If you've been watching Grey's Anatomy (and TiVo-ing Big Love, right?), chances are, you can't get enough of that delicious piece of a heart patient, Denny. After all, he's so instantly loveable, he can make a sweet little thing like Isobel (Katherine Heigl) spew a venomous breakup tirade at her current boyfriend, Alex (Justin Chambers), in Denny's defense.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Denny himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan last week, when we chatted and played with his dog, Bisou (which means "kiss" in French--as if you needed another reason to love him). You can see part of our interview in the clip at right.

As you may know, Jeffrey also plays Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki's recently found father on Supernatural, which returns Mar. 20 for its final three episodes (all in which big daddy Morgan appears). "Yeah, somebody thought those boys could be the fruit of my loins," he laughed. "Not too shabby!" And he is Mary-Louise Parker's deceased hubby on Weeds. "I know they got picked up, so we'll see if dead dad needs to say anything else before it's all said and done."

Still, for the time being, his heart belongs to Grey's Anatomy--and, of course, our girl Izzie. Which is why right here, right now, I'd like to launch the Give Denny a Heart Campaign, because, dangit, after meeting him in the flesh, my own heart will be broken if he's written off the show. "From your mouth to God's ears!" Jeffrey said of this plan. "Let me stay on Grey's Anatomy the rest of my life!"

So, pssst... Grey's bosses, please, if you have a heart, give Denny one!

Follow the source link above and click on the image of Jeffrey on the right to watch the video interview. If you can't get the player to work on your computer, take a look at this page for a downloadable video of the interview.

The following is a transcript of the video interview. K= Kristin, J= Jeffrey.

K: So, you're alive!
J: Let's do it! [laughs]
K: This is kind of exciting for Grey's Anatomy fans because last we saw you, you were in sort of a dire condition.
J: I'm alive and well.
K: How is it being on a show where you're not allowed to say one thing about what's coming up?
J: Well, it's exciting for you guys, 'cause you don't get nothing. You can work at it as much as you want. I don't know anything. That's the beauty of it. They don't tell me anything. As far as I know, I might show up to work tomorrow and that'll be it, you know? So, what you know is what I know. What I saw yesterday is about as current as I am.
K: Now, when you're going into a show where you know you have heart problems, and you know, you could be kicking it any day, when you get each script, is it sort of like, do you flip to the last pages?
J: It's a page turner. It's a page turner. [laughs]
K: Am I still employed?
J: I'm looking just, 'Where's Denny?'
K: Right.
J: Yeah. Yeah, it is a page turner and because the way they do work it and everything is so secret, you just, you never know. Did I do a good job yesterday or am I going to be gone tomorrow, you know? So, it's great.
K: Yeah. And working with Katherine Heigl, I'm imagining, not so bad.
J: Not so bad at all.
K: Yeah, she's a pretty cute girl.
J: Heck of a girl. Heck of a girl. Not so bad to look at. And she's great. She's a great actress, and I think this whole storyline is giving her an opportunity to shine, so it's been a lot of fun working with her. It's been great. And the whole cast as well. It's a phenomenal group of people that Shonda put together, and I just feel lucky to be a part of it, to be honest with you.
K: Right. So let me tell you why I'm concerned for Denny. Aside from the heart problem, the two other shows we've seen you on this season, you've played a dead guy or a guy we thought was dead, on Supernatural.
J: Dead guy-- [pauses, takes out cell phone] Sorry.
K: Almost dead--
J: Oh, look. It's Grey's Anatomy calling. Probably to let me know that I'm dying. [laughs]
K: [laughs] Are you booking another episode? Let me talk to them!
J: [puts phone away] Uh, yeah. It seems to be this year's deal. Yeah, dead in Weeds. Missing and probably going to die on Supernatural, the way that show goes. And then Grey's is a toss up. We'll see.
K: Right. All right, we have to talk about the Alex/Izzie/Denny love triangle, just for a second here.
J: Of course.
K: I was totally pro Alex and Izzie, I have to tell you. Denny came in the picture. Alex could die a miserable death as far as I'm concerned.
J: God bless you.
K: It is all about Denny! Yes.
J: I love you for that.
K: He has become so endearing the last couple of episodes and uh--
J: They're writing, you know, to my strengths. I'll have you know that I'm just naturally that charming and wonderful. [laughs]
K: It's actually not written, right? You're just kinda going, it's you.
J: That's right. They just say 'Jeff, just be yourself, except for with the heart issue.'
K: [laughs] So, are you hoping at this point that you, you know, win out?
J: Well of course. Are you kidding me? Have you seen Heigl? Yeah, let me win out. But again, who knows? I don't know. I know that Alex is a bit of an ass, and so we'll see what happens there. You know, I think Denny's gonna try to outshine him in the nice guy department. But, you know, who knows what Izzie's gonna go for. Bad boys are pretty attractive.
K: So let us know, just for people who are just now getting to know you this season. Have we seen you anywhere in the past?
J: No, never done anything. I just, this year was my year.
K: Right.
J: I've been kicking around for awhile, and I've done just about every show that there is known to man, and lots of little independent movies, and it's just been a really extraordinarily good year. I'm doing these high profile shows, and we're gonna ride this out and see what happens.
K: You must've racked up some good karma somewhere.
J: I think it's finally coming back. Yeah. Yeah. It's good. It's really great.
K: Now, personal life, have to ask. Single? Girlfriend?
J: Uh, single.
K: Single! [to camera] Hear that ladies?
J: Single.
K: I can hear those hearts swooning, actually, through the camera.
J: Really?
K: Yeah.
J: Let me listen. Oh, yeah.
K: Oh wait, maybe that's just mine!
J: [laughs]

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